The Block Room Reveals - Stairs, study's and a whole lot more (Week 9)

Oh the Calamity! Last night's episode of reveals was almost a none event and if it weren't for Jess & Ayden showing how it's done, we would have been getting a walk through of four building-sites. Each couple faced a series of challenges this week and the monster of the block came out the clear winner, meaning sadly three of the four couples delivered incomplete rooms. I don't think I've ever seen this on the block before but even still there is much to be said about what has been achieved... Josh & Charlotte - While the judges were slightly surprised when they walked into Josh & Charlottes space, I don't think they knew what was truly coming with the following apartments. Josh & Charlotte put in a great effort to finish their 3 story staircase this week, and aside from some unfinished painting, they did a pretty incredible job. Keeping with their simplistic style the study and staircase is light, bright, clean and simple. I agreed with the judges that it is a shame they chose to close in their staircase, as with such an opportunity to create a staircase from scratch, something really spectacular could have been achieved. However in saying that, what they have executed is still beautiful. The consistency of gorgeous pale timbers, plantation shutters and simple colour schemes throughout their apartment is all tied together with the staircase and study being the final piece of their Block puzzle.

The Block room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Stairs
The Block room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Study

Tim & Anastasia -Of all the couples, Tim & Anastasia were the stand-outs for not completing any of their spaces and also not seeming to care. With only the plaster board complete and some carpet down in two rooms - I really would like to know what they were doing all week. Regardless of the fact that the stairs proved to be more challenging than expected, it's no excuse for not having any furniture in their theatre room and study area. Even if these spaces weren't styled, there is nothing to show us what the vision is for the space is or how the room will come together.  It's really a shame with these two spaces as Tim & Anastasia had a huge opportunity here but it looks like it's really been wasted. Knowing they could have made the rooms into another bedroom or something other than another TV room, also highlighted the point on how they had missed the mark.

The block room reveals - Tim & Anastasia Theatre
The block room reveals - Tim & Anastasia study

The same goes for their staircase, with only some timber cladding on the ceiling and a glass balustrade, I think there was just as much disappointment on screen as there was off. The timber ceiling in this light brings really closes the staircase in and makes the ceiling feel lower, but once the space is finished this could be a different story.

The Block room reveals - Tim & Anastasia stairs

Jess & Ayden- Taking home the winners prize again, Jess and Ayden completed their spaces in a seriously chic way. From a stunning open staircase to a gorgeous study and the perfect sitting area on the top floor, each spaced flowed beautifully through to the next and was executed to the highest standard. My mouth dropped when I saw the architectural detail of their open staircase, complete gorgeous pine-cone like pendants, that are like none I've ever seen before. The space is gorgeous and unique and has the little quirky charm that has become signature to Jess & Ayden

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's staircase
The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's staircase

Their simple study area which is minimally furnished and utilises built-in furniture creates a space that appears to be much larger than it actually is. Lots of natural filtered light, (thanks to the plantation shutters) also help in keeping this area lights and airy. It's clean, simple and fits in beautifully with the surrounding areas.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess and Ayden's Study

Finally their upstairs sitting area  - complete with bar fridge and coffee machine - is the perfect addition to the top level, creating a master retreat well worth the hike up three levels of stairs. Once again, gorgeous built-in furniture, light timbers and an abundance of natural light make this space feel bigger than it really is. It's shame this was the last week for interior spaces as I feel like jess & Ayden and finally "got it" in terms of styling and creating luxurious spaces for this type of apartment!

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's sitting area

Darren & Deanne- We're the second couple to not finishes any spaces for the reveal this week, but there is much to be said about how Deanne still set everything up to give the impression of what is to come. With paint on the walls and the selected tile displayed we can see that this is going to turn out to be a spectacular entry to their apartment. The stairs themselves didn't have any finishes so we can't comment on that today, but we can see what surrounds the staircase will be beautiful, while leading up the stairs there will be a series of oversized artworks creating a gorgeous gallery inspired space.

The Block Room Reveals' - Darren & Deanne's Stairs
The Block Room Reveals' - Darren & Deanne's Gallery

For their study, we are also only given a hint of what is to come. The simple desk area facing out creates an open space to work at where natural light can be enjoyed. Positioning the desk this way mean it looks out to the kitchen and living area which (depending on what kind of worker you are) could be perfect or a real hindrance - contrary to the judges, I really like it. Built in storage behind the desk will be the final puzzle piece for this area, finishing it off beautifully with the black & white artwork.

The Block Room Reveals' - Darren & Deanne's Study

BONUS! thanks to the block being a few weeks a head of what we get to view on the TV and the perks of social media, Darren & Deanne have shared their finished staircase through instagram - and as expected, it's simply gorgeous. Check out their feed for a few more 'grams of the finished space...

Darren & Deanne's finished staircase