The Block Room Reveals: Kitchen (Week 8)

It's the day after Kitchen reveals, and to be honest I'm feeling a little underwhelmed. Last night's episode although full of drama, served up some kitchens that didn't quite hit "The Block" level of expectation. While each space is functional and looks great, there is a piece of Block magic that's missing. Unfortunately I missed the majority of last nights episode, coming in towards then end for the Double D's verses Shaynna drama (All a bit of an over-reaction on Shaynna's part if you ask me), so today my comments are mostly based on the photos from online - I'm looking forward to seeing the full episode later on to see how my thoughts compare to that of the judges... Josh & Charlotte- Sadly, I had higher expectations for this kitchen, from the way Charlotte had described it earlier in the week I was expecting the central island would make more of a statement. While it is still exceptionally we suited to the rest of their apartment (blank canvas) and provides fantastic storage, this kitchen is a little too white and soul-less. The main issue is that there is very little depth of texture variation. Flat white cupboards, with a sleek white splashback create a modern, minimalist look, but even with the addition of fresh blooms and some accessories, the space is still lacking. The addition of a pendant light or different splashback with either texture or colour would give this kitchen what it needs to have a little more personality.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Kitchen

Tim & Anastasia- Boy did these two have some drama during the week! At one point I really thought this could be it for Anastasia, but thankfully she pulled through and they finished up producing a great, functional kitchen. Layout wise I was glad to see they did not block out any windows as this would have really changed the whole ambience of the space. Kitchens and natural light go together like bread and butter -the more the merrier! Finishes wise, again I was felt disappointed in their choices. While black and white is a classic, it lacks character and in this instance the black casing around the fridge makes the space feel very heavy.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Kitchen

Jess & Ayden- Bringing back the light and thankfully some more texture and depth, Jess and Ayden pulled together an excellent kitchen that is both functional and friendly. I love the statement the single pendant makes over kitchen island and think it is perfectly located for the work area. The breakfast bar and adjacent wine fridge are well positioned for breakfast or a casual evening chatting around the kitchen (which is what I find most guests end up doing when visiting). Colour wise, the pale grey cupboards paired with the timber look lovely together and create a beautiful, soft palette. However I think the stone bench top and splashback are too busy to be paired with the timber grain - the two surfaces have a similar scale pattern within their respective particles/grains and are fighting against each other.

The Block Room Reveal's - Jess & Ayden's Kitchen

Darren & Deanne - Based on the small snippets of last night's episode that I did get to watch, I couldn't help but think what an overreaction. For the most part, the Double D's have a created a great kitchen. Yes, there are some aspects, mainly the splash back and timber pairings that aren't perfect together, but of all the kitchens this one has by far the best use of texture, depth, storage ability and individuality. Unlike their bathroom, I wasn't impressed with the use of the mosaic tile here - like Neal said, it's a little too disco. And likewise, I agreed that the two timbers (flooring and cupboards) don't work particularly well together - while the cupboards are a more pink based timber, the floors take on a yellow hue. Unfortunately these are two items that will be somewhat expensive to change, however I don't think this space is the "disaster" the judges pinned it to be.

The Block Room Reveal's - Darren & Deanne's Kitchen