The Block Room Reveals - Master Bedroom (week 7)

Last night was yet another exciting evening of TV viewing with not one, not two, but three verdicts for Scotty Cam to reveal. First up was closure to the wine audit from way back in week 4 and thank goodness it's all over - that drama was well and truly past it's bed time! In a nutshell, Darren & Deanne were officially cleared from all the gossip while Tim & Anastasia were left red faced as they had been pushing so hard to prove the Double D's were in the wrong - the whole situation really portrayed a good life lesson about taking the high road. But getting back to that bed time point  (and Scotty's second and third verdict) this weeks reveal was all about the master bedrooms and boy-oh-boy there was some good eye candy.... Josh & Charlotte - Setting the bar exceptionally high, Josh & Charlotte revealed a bedroom and walk-in robe with gorgeous exposed ceilings and a lounge area that would make any parent wish they had a bedroom like this. The space Josh & Charlotte created is refined, elegant and tranquil and I absolutely love the little sitting area! Their choice of sofa with simple ottomans and minimal cushions is paired back luxury and suits the rest of their apartment to a T. However, In the 'sleeping zone' I was left feeling a little like the space could have had a bit more added to it, some art or some more depth & texture on the bed would be just enough. But Josh & Charlotte have been working with this look throughout their whole apartment, and this style could just be genius in allowing buyers to love the space but still add some of their own style.

The Block Room Reveals: Josh & Charlotte's Master Bedroom

As with the Bedroom, their walk-in robe is refined and elegant. Ample space and an abundance of storage is their biggest selling point here and I think they have used this space wisely, however I would have loved to see the space under the window utilised a little more.

The Block Room Reveals: Josh & Charlotte's Walk-In

Tim & Anastasia - This week Tim and Anastasia produced another beautiful bedroom, which was almost a replica of the previous second bedroom (see my comments for that room here). While I think this look is beautiful, I would have liked to see something different for the master room as now all three bedrooms have a very similar look and feel.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Master Bedroom

As with their bedroom, I was quite underwhelmed with their walk-in wardrobe. I've always thought walk-in robes should have open shelving and hanging space so was disappointed to see so much cabinetry. With very little colour variation in the space, the area also feels closed in and a little bland.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Walk-In

Jess & Ayden- Created a master bedroom that would be perfect for a hip, young couple. Their space is bright, fresh and very inviting. I really love the oversized rug and pendant lights  - the combination of these textures creates a beautifully relaxed, coastal feel. And while their "look" may not typically be for the Yarra Valley I think Jess & Ayden have created a space that is still high-end and lovely.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Master Bedroom

In their walk-in robe I really loved the contrast of surfaces, the laminate and veneer selections work beautifully together to give the space some interest and depth. Their shining star here is the floor to ceiling mirror, making the space appear much larger than it is, and I was also quite happy here to see the return of open shelving and hanging spaces. Jess & Ayden did an excellent job of utilising the space and providing a lot of storage.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Walk-In

Darren & Deanne- In a fortunate twist of events, Darren and Deanne took out the prize this week due to Josh & Charlotte not using their bedhead from the challenge in week 3. Rules are rules, and while disqualifying Josh & Charlotte (verdict #2) may have seemed a bit harsh, I'm sure the prize money will be much appreciated for Darren and Deanne (verdict #3). Personally I absolutely loved the Double D's room, from the Indigo Seagrass wallpaper through to the four poster bed and paisley cushions - I wouldn't change a thing. I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again - Deanne has a way with style and a way of pulling items together that portrays and sense of quality and level of luxury like no other!

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Master Bedroom

For their walk-in robe, Darren and Deanne created a space that perfectly compliments the bedroom. Subtle LED lighting, the most beautiful pendant light I've ever seen in a walk-in and display cabinetry create a space that oozes luxury and sophistication. While their are some elements similar to Tim & Anastasia's walk-in (namely the glass toped display), Darren and Deanne have executed their version of this beautifully by placing under the window - It's what I wished to have seen in Josh & Charlottes walk-in...

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Walk-In