The Block Room Reveals: Living & Dining (Week 5)

Week five already and Scotty did a great job last night reminding us that we are already half way there - I can't believe how quickly these builds unfold! This week was the ever anticipated living & dining rooms and unfortunately all of them fell a little short. Whether it was bad ceiling designs (thanks to moving things around) or not quite hitting the mark on the style stakes, there were a number of negatives to each space and it was some interesting viewing. In the end I was really happy to see Josh & Charlotte take home their first room win and I'm sure the injection of cash into their budget will be well appreciated too... Josh & Charlotte: At first sight I didn't think these rooms would be quite enough for a win but as the reveals went on I really hoped they would take the cake! Their dining room, while simple and understated, fits in perfectly with the rest of their apartment. I'm really starting to understand Charlotte's style now, and I think she is too. The use of high quality and humble products is working exceptionally well for her and as each room is completed the greater picture is starting to unfold. This is a home you could move in to and still inject some of your own style. For the dining room, I loved the timber table paired with tan leather chairs, the combination of natural textures with the simple, elegant pendant was a beautiful mix. I only wish she had set the table to give it a little more personality.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Dining Room

Their living room is also a space I can imagine myself getting cosy in. I really likes how she set the space out, using the neutral colour palette. There is definitely something lacking in the corner next to the sofa, but a floor lamp or indoor plant would fill this space nicely. Overall the dining and living spaces flow together beautifully and I'm really looking forward to seeing their kitchen complete the picture.

The Block Room Reveals - Josh & Charlotte's Living Room

Tim & Anastasia: I'm getting to the point of finding it difficult to watch this couple - Anastasia needs to make decisions and stick with them. Her lack of indecision is really starting to show through and unfortunately this week's reveal resulted in the presentation of spaces that look more like they belong in a showroom than a home. There are many beautiful elements in each of her rooms this week, but all of the items together created a space that's just too cook-cutter.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Dining Room

Like the judges said, the combination of a pair of almost everything in this room was the greatest downfall. This combined with much of the furniture being in matching finishes (cream upholstery & dark timber stain for the remaining items) made the room look quite dated. I really like a lot of these individual items, but some more variation needs to be added into the room to give the space character.

The Block Room Reveals - Tim & Anastasia's Living Room

Ayden & Jess: Coming in second place, Ayden and Jess also created a space for the dining room that was very simple & understated. I LOVED their zinc dining table, paired with the timber chairs and think Jess hit the nail on the head with how she styled the table - just gorgeous. The pendants above were also the perfection addition, emphasising the size of the table and keeping the space balanced.

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Dining Room

Unfortunately, it was in the living room where these two lost points and at first glance we can see why. As Shaynna said, the number of lines in this space is a bit overwhelming. The combination of shelving, honeycomb rug, feature coffee table, multiple throw rugs and more gives the space no focal point or "hero" piece. I think simply swapping out the floor rug for something more solid (like a textured charcoal or similar) could really give the room the "white space" it needs..

The Block Room Reveals - Jess & Ayden's Living Room

Darren & Deanne: Lost all their points and pennies for not having a ceiling in their dining room. I think Darren & Deanne presented some really beautiful living spaces, whether their choice of swapping around the kitchen and living spaces will prove to be a good one or not is yet to be seen, but I'm sure Deanne has a mighty plan up her sleeve. I really liked their dining space with the round table and thought it was great to see some more texture and shape variation being used. The rug she chose is probably a bit small, but the colour works beautifully and the whole space allows their art to be the absolute hero of the room.

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Dining Room

Their living room is equally as inviting and elegant as the rest of their apartment and I think the space was also styled beautifully. Unfortunately, the lack of window treatment is a bit disappointing as some sheer curtains or blinds along the back wall would be very useful when watching television.

The Block Room Reveals - Darren & Deanne's Living Room