The Block Room Reveals - Bathroom 1 (week 2)

Last nights episode of the Block was somewhat calmer than last week's elimination round and after a drama-fuelled week I was ready to get down to the business end and see how each couple had finished off their first bathroom. Pale grey seemed to the be colour of the moment with 3 couples featuring bold and beautiful tile selections in varying shades of grey - perhaps taking inspiration from 50 shades? In all honesty there were many aspects in each bathroom that I adored, but also found myself agreeing with the judges on many aspects - lets take a look: Josh & Charlotte: There's honestly nothing to dislike about this bathroom, except perhaps for the minimal storage but given the size of the space I think Josh and Charlotte did a beautiful job for their first bathroom. I love the marble tile with subtle grey streaks and simplicity of the styling.

Josh & Charlotte 2

The tapware, mirror and other detailing all works beautifully to give this space some charm, personality and life. It really is a turn around for this couple and I hope they continue along this path.

Josh & Charlotte

Tim & Anastasia: At first glance I loved this bathroom and I still do! Those diamond tiles are an amazing choice and paired with the black and timber, this bathroom is a modern, classic beauty that has been executed extremely well. Tim & Anastasia really leaped forward with their choices & styling this week, with refined choices that are elegant and timeless. I really thought this bathroom would take the cake.

Tim & Anastasia

To me there were only two downfalls. First (as with most of the bathrooms this week) was the shallow sink that wouldn't be very practical for everyday use. Secondly was the black floor tile that I immediately thought would be a pain to keep clean.

Tim & Anastasia 2

Jess & Ayden: This couple proved this week that spending A LOT of money doesn't necessarily result in the perfect room. While I love (I mean really, really love) the hexagon tiles and the honeycomb effect, this space shows that too much of a good thing can just be too much. The choice of timber for the mirror & vanity was also off, and while the timber deck floor in the shower looks great - I thought this tone of timber would have been better suited for the vanity area to give the space some more depth.

Jess & Ayden

The other choice Jess & Ayden made, with having the toilet separate also really detracted from the bathroom. Not only was the space styled completely differently (making the spaces disjointed), it also means both the bathroom and adjoining bedroom sizes have been sacrificed.

Jess & Ayden 2

Darren & Deanne: The experienced pair were again the stand out couple, taking out the winners position with a superb black & white relaxation zone. I would love to know how Darren & Deanne ended up with such a massive bathroom - because in comparison to the others this was palatial! Wet zones are one of my favourite features if you have the luxury of space, and this one is no exception. The way Darren and Deanne set the wet zone apart from the rest of the bathroom was absolute genius! My only disappointment was with the shower screens that could prove to be a problem with splashing - but this could easily be resolved by adding a frameless glass door to the middle section.

Daz & Dea 2

I'm not usually a fan of dark bathrooms, and so wouldn't typically choose those black tiles - but here Deanne has opened my eyes to how this midnight hue can work so brilliantly.

Daz & Dea