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Whether you have floorboards, tiles or polished floors there is no denying the warmth and character that can be added to a space simply by using the right rug. Be it a runner down the hallway, something soft for your feet in the living room or a statement under the dining table - rugs are a brilliant way to break up large spaces or create zones. There are a couple of myths and rules to keep in mind when choosing your rug - so to ensure you get the best bang for your buck here's a few tips that may help. Size Matters- This is probably the most important of them all. Take a look at this video below for some very practical tips on how to know what size to buy for your lounge room.

For dining rooms, ensure your rug covers the area where chairs sit when they are pulled out for use - about half a metre all the way around the edges of your table (So your chair doesn't fall off or catch on the rug edge when it's being pushed out) should do it. Also keep in mind your table's shape - rectangular rugs for rectangular tables, square for square, round for round....

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In the bedroom you have a couple of options. A runner down the side or at the bottom of the bed can inject some character and warmth to a room and is a great choice if you already have carpet or floors that don't get too cold. The next options is to use an extra large rug where the width reaches to the far ends of each bedside table (for a queen size bed your looking at a rug that about two and a half meters).


It's okay to layer - Actually it's great and also looks pretty amazing too! If you have a large space to cover, layering a small patterned rug over something textural can be an excellent solution. Likewise, layering textural rugs in different directions can be a super effective way to add another element to your space.

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Rugs on Carpets - are perfectly okay! There's a myth that goes around to say rugs should only be placed on hard floors, but I totally disagree with it! So don't let the fact that you have carpets in your home deter you from adding a rug to your floors - all floors can look amazing with rugs.

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